About Us

As we have said in the homepage we are dedicated to providing you with one of the most reliable resources to find the movies and other forms of media you are looking for. Whether it's a simple video or whole entire catalog or movie series will have all the provided in needed information for you to find it. Most sites can provide the plethora of information that we provide which puts us ahead of our class in puts us in places where people wish they were.

We spent several years providing you guys with the best resources in the most reliable information. If you are just discovering the site go ahead and browse around and see for yourself the database of information we store absolutely free with no cost to you. We are sure that want to browse around our website your be a dedicated user and continuously come back and that is our goal.

This is the main reason why we don't charge for our service and we take the tab as a service to humanity. This is something is that sets us apart from everyone else since most people can't fathom the fact of getting something for nothing. That's not common in this day and age so it's understandable but we want to be innovators hence this is why we do this.

Our Team

  • Jason Pitts
    Is one of our the staff members up to date, he's the CEO and the head honcho in charge. Use the contact form if you need to reach him.
  • Marcus Louis
    Has been with us for more than 12 years and he's part of our graphics design team, but he has done a terrific job managing everyone since he is also a manager and a damn good one at that.
  • Floyd Augstiniak
    He is the head director of our payment department and handles all our payments and incoming finances. He has been with us for more than nine years and is terrific at what he does to the point where he puts most staff members to shame.